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— Captain Sparrow to Chi
Captain Sparrow
Captain sparrow
Name Captain Sparrow
Origin Adventure Time
Sex Male
Species Monochromicorn
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color Grey
Relatives Chi (Owner)
Residence City of Aku

Captain Sparrow is a character who appears in Grim Tales. He is a Monochromicorn, a species of horses only existing in the alternate universe of Adventure Time. Captain Sparrow is the valiant steed of Chi and was given to her by her father, Aku, who got a few monochromicorns as a present from Hunson Abadeer[1].  

Grim TalesEdit

While passing by in the stable, Chi approached Captain Sparrow to ask a permission to ride her, planning to use the monochromicorn to travel towards Castle of Grim. Demongo opened the skylight and Chi took Demongo in front of her before departing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Captain Sparrow has a few interesting abilities:

  • Esoteric Lightning Manipulation: Captain Sparrow can summon esoteric lightning directed at his horn[2].
    • Dimensional Travel: He can use this lightning to travel from one dimension to another[3].


He is completely charcoal black with a long, gray mane, with white-slit eyes. His long, white horn has two rings circling it. He is entirely different from Lady Rainicorn's multicolor scheme. He is more horse-like compared to Lady Rainicorn.


Captain Sparrow is a very proud animal and demands to be treated with respect[1]. He is however also very loyal to those who cared for him and showed him this respect[1].


Captain Sparrow is a Monochromicorn who are the fictional gender-swapped version of Rainicorns created by the Ice King in his fanfiction story, as seen in the "Fionna and Cake" episodes of Adventure Time. They communicate by using his hoof like a telegraph to communicate with Morse Code, rather than by speaking Korean, as Lady Rainicorn does.



  • Captain Sparrow is likely named after the Disney character, Captain Jack Sparrow, as it is shown that Chi is a Disney fan[3][4].
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