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Bully Kid
Bully Kid
Name Bully Kid
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Enemies TIN, Slash, Nerd Kid, Teddy Bear Kid
Occupation(s) Ninja Student

Bully Kid is a character who appeared in TIN the Incompetent Ninja. He is one of the students at the Ninja Elementary. His real name is unknown but he commonly referred as Bully Kid.


Bully Kid is one of TIN's students after Mr. Miyaoi killed himself. He first hung Fat Kid to the flagpole and insulted TIN afterwards by flipping his finger. TIN formed a gang with other students to eliminate Bully Kid. They wanted to hang Bully Kid to the flagpole but Bully Kid hanged them there. When TIN set the school on fire Bully Kid danced but when Slash extinguished it he also added him to his "to kill" list.


Nerd Kid wears the standard gray ninja uniform with a white band around his waist. But unlike the other he also wears two red bands on his body, one around his right arm and one around his left leg.

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