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I know what you're thinking! It's those girls again, isn't it? Don't let any of this get to your head, cause once we're done here... Nothing in the world can ever beat us!! Not even some stupid kiss!!!
— Brick to Boomer

Brick Brisbaine




Name Brick Brisbaine
Origin The Powerpuff Girls
Sex Male
Age 11
Species Transhuman
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Ginger
Relatives Mojo Jojo (creator/father)
Boomer, Butch (brothers),
Dr. Brisbaine (adoptive father) Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup (sisters), Professor Utonium (grandfather)
Enemies Powerpuff Girls, Jenny, Black Eden
Occupation(s) Experiment, Global Defenders Member.
Residence Unknown

CDBrick is a main character from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is the male counterpart of Blossom. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, The Powerpuff Girls. He is Dexter's rival.



The Rowdyruff Boys were created by Mojo Jojo in an effort to create his own perfect children. They were made by flushing armpit hair, snails from the prison cafeteria, and the tail of the talking dog down a jail cell toilet that contained the apparent potency of Chemical X. They caused chaos around Townsville until they were eventually defeated by the Powerpuff Girls who kissed them making them unstable and causing them to explode.

This wasn't however the end of the Rowdyruff Boys. The Men in Black and the Skyway Patrol saw use to a group like the Rowdyruff Boys. As part of Project Rowdy, they collected their bits and revived the trio. Then they give the boys military training and making them battle ready for 6 years.  

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Brick first appeared alongside his brothers whilst fighting XJ-9 in Nevada as part of a combat training overseen by Noreen Wakeman, I. M. Weasel and Dr. Brisbaine. The fight however ended with Jenny getting badly wounded. Butch wanted to continue but Brick stopped him. The boys were promptly called back by Brisbaine as Brick prides on their new strength and reminisces over their defeat at the hand of the girls.

During the Cluster attack at the Megaville Center for the Arts, Weasel called Brisbaine to send in the boys to eliminate the remaining Cluster bots. When the Powerpuff Girls reunited at the center stage of the center they encountered the boys once again, surprised by them being alive again. The two teams get into a fight about what happened previously until Dynamo barges from the stage with the remaining people from below to interrupt it followed by a lecture of Weasel. Much to everyone's surprise Boomer starts around kissing every girl present and afterwards gets kicked by Brick and Butch. Weasel announces that the Rowdyruff Boys will be enrolling in Megaville Elementary.

When school starts again, Brick, along with his brothers, gets much attention from the girls at their introduction. Brick humbly introduces himself and wishes to get so much attention because they have, in his words, a childish team name. The following days they cause quite the ruckus for the girls and Dexter highlighting the most recent one in which Brick and Butch set Boomer up to change in the girls locker room. He appears being followed by a riot of girls wanting his attention, one throws a locket at him which he quickly discards and gives to Butch who in turn uses it to destroy Dexter's project. They gets picked up by a helicopter, making Brick lose his cap, revealing his luscious hair and flies away with his brothers and Weasel.

Brick and his brothers joined the meeting at Megaville Elementary under guidance of Weasel and Brisbaine to discuss what happened to the bomb. When Dexter, later followed by Blossom, leave to check out some suspicious things Bricks prompts to get them back. While getting rejected by Brisbaine, Admiral DeGill says he should check it out. He discovers Dexter and Blossom looking at a security tape video of Olga stealing Dexter's Dee Dee robot and leaving Mandark's glasses behind. Brick startles them by saying she is leaving a message and afterwards almost reveals that Dexter feels guilty about kissing Olga, yet Dexter quickly derails from this topic. Brick doesn't care too much and calls them back.

He goes along with the girls and Jenny to the Justice League International Watchtower when asked for their presence by DeGill. There Blossom thanks Brick for not telling anything about what happened back in Dexter's lab. Brick doesn't answer.


His original character traits were the same as his brothers, violent and fierce[1]. But after his resurrection, he changed drastically. He is more level-headed and disciplined than before[2], with a certain respect for authority[3]. It can be argued that this last trait is just a means to end and that he is in fact very manipulative[4]. Brick is vindictive with a visceral hatred for the Powerpuff Girls[5], stemming from the fact that they killed him[3]. When he saw them again, on his first field assignment, he revealed to be quite paranoid as well[5], believing that wasn't a coincidence and in fact a trick played on them by the Men in Black and Skyway Patrol[5]. His hate for the Powerpuff Girls was big enough to be willing to deceive his superiors about the fate of the Powerpuff Girls[5]. He was visibly discomfort however when his conspiracy was discovered by Weasel[6]. He also has the intention to become "unbeatable"[4]. He is a bossy leader who orders his brothers around and doesn't like it when his authority is questioned[2][5]. He does however seem to care for his brothers and tends to give them more credit than they deserve[7]. He is often baffled by Boomer's actions however, to the point he is embarrassed to be family[8].


Brick has a much different appearance than in the series. He wears totally black clothes, he only has two red stripes on his sleeves. He wears finger-less gloves to the protect his hands. He has ginger hair with a long ponytail and wears a red cap and has red eyes. While in the series Brick, wears the same shirt with a black stripe, black and pants and black sneakers as his brothers. During deployment as a government field agent, his clothing changes again. He still wears his cap but doesn't wear his hair in a ponytail. He wears red upper body armor with grey accents and sleeves. Unlike his brothers, his armor has shoulder pads. His legs are protected by grey lower body armor with red knee protection. Underneath, he wears grey sneakers. His hands are covered in finger-less gloves.

Powers and Abilities

Brick, being a transhuman and a part of the Rowdyruff Boys, is a very powerful character with a vast variety of abilities:

  • Energy Projection: Brick is believed to be able to produce energy blasts.
    • Laser Vision (Possibly): Brick is likely able to fire lasers from his eyes, like Bubbles can.
  • Flight: Brick and his brothers are able to fly, without the need of wings[1].
  • Heat Vision (Possibly): Brick and his brother are able to heat objects by simply looking at it.
  • Sonic Boom Generation (Possibly): Brick and his brothers is likely able to create sonic booms, that devastating their environment[9].
  • Superhuman Durability: Brick and his brothers are extremely durable, and far more durable than the Powerpuff Girls[1].
  • Superhuman Speed: Brick and his brothers are very fast. Their speed is likely on par or even surpassing the speed of the Powerpuff Girls, which would mean their speed is absolute and allows them to travel through time[1].
  • Superhuman Strength: Brick and his brothers are extremely strong, with their strength levels far surpassing those of the Powerpuff Girls[1].
  • Typhogenesis: While flying, Brick and his brothers can produce an obtrusively smoke in their color. The smoke disables the sight and breathing of all who are caught in it[1].
  • X-ray Vision (Possibly) : Brick and his brothers are likely able to see through objects.


He is an antagonist from the Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls. He and his brothers were the male counterparts of the girls, so anything that the girls stood for, the boys would be against it, often doing the opposite of what the girls do. His ingredient is a puppy dog tail and his signature color is red. Being the leader, Brick would orchestra a lot of chaos and mishap including graffiti, terrorizing people on the streets, making a mess of things, and other chaotic things. They would often clash with the girls on every encounter and usually the battles would be long and fierce with the boys taking the upper-hand later. However, the girls figured out how to beat them: Kissing. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup each laid one on their perspective counterparts which in the end made the boys explode. Later on, HIM resurrected them and made them even stronger than before. However they were eventually defeated. In fan media he seems to have calmed down somewhat, showing more of a capable leadership role.

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