Name Breannin
Sex Female
Species Gynoid
Status Deceased
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color Light blue
Relatives Bell, Barasia (sisters)
Friends Dr. X, Zim
Enemies Barasia
Residence Black Eden

Breannin is the youngest sister of the Members of Shadowpuff Girls, She was created by and belongs to Griddles.

Black and White

At the end of Black and White, Bell goes to her father's computer and discovers a new project of him to create a little sister for her, who is Breannin. Bell then decides to make her for her father.


The littlest member of the SPG is Breannin. Physically smaller than the other two, though at times exhibiting stronger abilities, Breannin possesses a sweet yet naive nature. She was born later on into the conflict with Barasia and, as such, she is the only Shadowpuff to have not conflicted with the Powerpuffs in any way. Sadly, her life was far too brief, as Barasia destroyed her just when Breannin believed she could turn Barasia away from her destructive course.


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