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Brave's Sister
Name Brave's Sister
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Relatives Braveun (brother), other brothers

Brave's Sister is the name given to the deceased sister of Braveun. She appears in chapter 6 of Sugar Bits but only in the form of a spirit.

Sugar BitsEdit

Not much is known about Brave's sister. Before the story Brave and his sister had a good relationship, as the rest of their brothers were very cruel. After a war, or a slaughter, as Bleed Heart describes it, the brothers of Brave were all killed. However Brave did not moarn for them. He only was sad about the lost of his only sister. Bleed Heart came to take her soul but Brave burned the arms of Bleed Heart. Though he did that he didn't manage to get his sister back.


Brave's sister is seen wearing a long cloak. She has long hair with two ponytails that rest on her chest, and come from underneath her hood. Other than that she only appears in a spirit form, thus having no color scheme.

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