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Get out Hansel! I don't want you to get-
— Bo to Hansel






Bo dream




Name Bo
Sex Female
Species Sheep
Status Alive
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Black
Relatives King (father)
Friends Braveun, Hansel Gingerman, Robin
Enemies Licorice, Big Bad Wolf, Ginger (rival)
Occupation(s) Brave Heart, Princess
Residence Courage Campus

Bo is a major character from Sugar Bits. She is one of the high-ranked Brave Hearts and the daughter of King.


Bo was a lamb who first appeared in the garden to seek for Hansel. After a conversation Bo gave a kiss on the cheek of Gingerman. This was actually to get him to dream about her so he could meet him in the Dream Palace to train with him. But the dream got interupted by Licorice who killed Bo.

Bo woke up and went to King to say that there was something wrong with Hansel. She, King and Brave went to Professor who had opened a portal to the Underworld and Brave and Bo entered it to seek for Hansel. Bo fought a monster who then told afterwards which way he went. Bo and Brave arrived at the lake and saw Robin drowning in the water and Brave went to save her while Bo knew it was a trap. Brave got eaten by Nemo and Bo went to him to save him but Brave already had defeated Nemo. Bo, Brave, Robin and Nemo went to land and Brave repares Nemo and then gets some wood for the fired. Bo and Robin suddenly were encountered by the monsters and they battled them but began to loose. Nemo then ate one of the monsters and the monsters fled.

They went on board again and they saw an accident in the city and headed towards there. They joined in the middle of the battle. Bo saved Gene and Hansel from the giant bunny monster. Bo and Hansel battled the giant bunny monster and defeated it but the armor got taken over by Big Bad Wolf. Suddenly Licorice came and almost killed Gingerman but Bo saved him but got pierced through herself. She almost died and Bleed Heart came to take her life but King instead gave Mindsnare so he at least could take a life.

Bo was brought the hospital where Hansel was waiting for to visit her. Nurse Jellybean and Professor Cocoa walked in. Jellybean asked some questions to Hansel regarding Bo, before informing him that she was going to be okay, although would need some time to recover. She said that Bo was fine once they dealt with the Sugar Bits. While Nurse Jellybean went to another patient, Hansel was allowed to visit Bo. He walked in and greeted her, and she greeted back. Hansel than asked if she knows what Sugar Bits are. Bo, annoyed by his lack of tact, kicked him before pointing out what he did wrong. He quickly gave her the flowers, he brought. An act that did soothe her however although she mistook it for food and ate it with great pleasure. While Hansel talked her up to speed, she complimented Robin and Nemo's battle prowess, wishing them well as new Brave Hearts. She was however shocked to learn that Brave had left Harmonia, without saying goodbye to her. Bo was incredibly saddened by his departure but found peace in his decision, hoping they would see each other again... One day...


Bo is a calm and restricted character[1] with a great sense of honor[1] and responsibility[1],although she have a certain lack to rules and protocol, if she believes time is slim[2]. She is very brave[3] and protective of her friends and doesn't take it lightly when people endanger or even insult them[4].. Nevertheless, she won't go easy on them[5] or on the Princess she is serving, if she feels they are not focussed[6] or serve an unright cause. She is very fond of Braveun and was saddened when she learned of his departure[7]. She is also able to see through a trap when she sees one[8]. Although she appeared often be rebellious towards her father[9], their relationship seems to be still pretty warm[10]. Bo is prudish[11], which can be used against her[12]. She also hate water[8], stemming from the fact that she can't swim[13].


Bo is heterosexual and seems to have crush on Hansel.


Bo is a lamb with brown skin and black fur. She has pink eyes and also wears a pink ribbon in her hair. She wears the traditional Brave Heart uniform which sports a green jacket, which has golden shoulders plates, with a white blouse and the same color green skirt. In addition to that she has a golden bell around her neck, in which her weapon is sealed.

Powers and Ability

Bo is part of the Brave Hearts, and possesses several abilities to aid her on her missions:

  • Archery: Bo knows how to use bow and arrow[3].
  • Boxing: Bo is a talented boxer, able to take on Hansel Gingerman[5].
  • Conjuring: Bo is able to conjure a great variaty of weapons and items, using the bell around her neck. All these weapons have a ram motive. A full list of used weapons:
    • Blades of Chaos: Bo can use the Blades of Chaos, with quite an efficiency[14].
    • Bow and Arrow: Bo uses bow and arrow to fight enemies that are out of reach[3].
    • Boxing Gloves: Bo can conjure boxing gloves but in most occasions will give them to another Brave Heart, as a weapon[15].
    • Chained Hooks: Bo uses chained hooks to grab opponents to pull them back. The hooks do have the slight disadvantage that if the opponent is bigger than her, she is the one who will be pulled away[16].
    • Crosier: Bo is able to summon a crosier but it is unknown if this item serves actually an purpose[17].
    • Ramrod: Bo uses a giant ramrod to crush her opponents[5][6][18].
    • Reflective Shield: Bo can protect herself from energy blasts, using a shield that can reflect every type of energy attacks[19].
    • Titan Blade: Bo can conjure gigantic blade, far bigger than her[20], that can do massive damage to her enemies[21]. It lookes similar to the Blade her father uses[22].
  • Martial Arts: Bo is gifted martial artist[5].
  • Superhuman Strenght: Bo is a lot stronger than she appears to be, able to use weapons far bigger than her[20] and defeated enemies that tower above her[21].
  • Swordfighting: Bo is shown to know how to wield a katana[23].
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