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BiM Playables

Battle in Megaville is a a game based on Bleedman's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. It is a 2-D fightning game. It's a computer game that can be played in single player (vs CPU) or with 2 players, and has four different modes: story, versus, survival and mini-game. The mini-game mode can only be playable with GIR.

Controls and Chain CombosEdit

Controls (all controls can be changed in the "options" menu):

  • A - Walk left
  • D - Walk right
  • W - Jump
  • S - Guard
  • F - Attack B
  • G - Attack A

Chain Combos:

  • B, B, B - Chain Combo 1
  • B, B, A - Chain Combo 2
  •     B, A - Chain Combo 3

Controls (mini-game):

  • Left/Right: Movement
  • Up: Deflect


Playable charactersEdit

  • The Rowdyruff Boys
    • Brick as the main character, Boomer as backup and Buch as hyperbeam mode.
  • Bell
  • GIR in dog suit (minigame only)
  • Shira Bell (Unlockable)
  • Zim (Unlockable)*

Non-Playable charactersEdit

*May be fake/not confirmed

Modified versionEdit

A video of a modified version on the game was posted on the web by a user named d4rkbruster. This version features the characters from the original game as well as more characters from the comics. Also, it seems to let you play as each of the Rowdyruff Boys separately, instead of all three at the same time. It is unknown if the mod is real or not, but it probably isn't since the only actual fightning scene was Blossom vs Bubbles, two characters that can be obtained in the original game, and the only story scene was from the original game as well.


Powerpuff Girls Bleedman Modified Fighting Game Blossom vs Bubbles

Powerpuff Girls Bleedman Modified Fighting Game Blossom vs Bubbles

PPGD BiM game mod

Upcoming CharactersEdit


  • Extra Options - You get to choose if you want infinite dash, infinite juggle, auro-deflect and damage ratio. These options either were deleted in newer versions of the game or are fake.
  • Shira-survival is unlockable
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