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Name Barasia
Sex Female
Species Gynoid
Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Relatives Dr. X (creator), Bell, Breannin (sisters)
Friends Vexus, Cluster, Gigan
Enemies Powerpuff Girls, Bell, Breannin

Barasia is a member of Shadowpuff Girls,she is the most evil version of Bell. She is a creation by Dr. X and played a role in the fanfiction of Griddles. She is considered non-canon, but is still a well known spinoff character.

Black and White

Dr. X created Barasia prior to Bell in an effort to design a perfect daughter through scientific precision, as opposed to complete accident. Miscalculations led to an almost immediate overload of her systems and Dr. X discarded her remains and began his work on Bell. Her remains were discovered and later reanimated by the Darkstar Council, loyal servants of Queen Vexus.

Barasia, reborn thanks to Cluster programming, sought her sister Bell and attempted to convince her that her father was using her and that she should join her side to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. Bell refused, loyal to her father. Barasia and Bell eventually fought each other within Black Eden, interuppted by Montray who tried to reassert control over Barasia. Barasia killed him, followed by Kuwagus and other members of the Council. GIR was destroyed, almost followed by Zim who was saved by Samantha. Barasia, furious at being discarded in favor of her sister, killed her father, X. Bell, wounded, nonetheless managed to defeat Barasia, who then escaped.

She is last seen in Megaville, about to battle the Powerpuff Girls.


Barasia is the black counterpart and older sister of Bell. Her original activation was a catastrophic failure, but Barasia was eventually restored to operation by the Cluster. Her thirst for reaching the true pinnacle of potential turned her into a vicious opponent of Bell the Powerpuffs. Barasia's later stories bring her into conflict with a third gynoid, Breannin.

Powers and Abilities

Barasia retains many abilities shared by the other Powerpuff Girls. She differs from Bell and Breannin thanks to her Cluster augments, including energy weapons concealed in her arms, extendable blades in her fingers and even a personal energy shield. Capable of flight, immense speed and strength, Barasia's greatest weapon is her vicious desire to improve herself and stand above other life. Despite her efforts to gain qualities like empathy and compassion, she's unable to escape her core programming which leads her down an irreversible path of destruction.


  • Barasia is Griddles' first and most well-known OC. She was based on an early Bleedman concept for Bell which depicted her as a highly advanced AI. Griddles used this concept as the basis for much of his early work.
  • In an unreleased story it would be revealed Barasia's name derives from a variation of Sanskrit dialect.
  • Barasia appears in an April Fools PPGD page, taking center stage amongst many other fan-created (and sometimes ridiculous) Powerpuff Girls. Griddles took this inclusion in good step.

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