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Ball Pit Shark
Ball Pit Shark
Name Ball Pit Shark
Sex Male
Species Shark
Status Alive
Eye Color Onyx
Enemies Kerry
Residence Seven Circles of Pizza

The Ball Pit Shark is a minor character in Skull-Boy. He appears near the end of the first chapter.


The Ball Pit Shark, as his name says, is a shark who resides in the ball pit of the Seven Circles of Pizza. Skull Boy closed the ball pit down because there was a shark in it. A kid was mad about it because two other kids were allowed to play in it, but Skull Boy said it was because they kicked him. When Kerry arrived on Earth she fell into the ball pit and was chased by the shark, her fate is yet unknown.


The Ball Pit Shark has the appearance of a normal shark although his skin is damaged a lot. He has split onyx eyes and a cross scar close to his eye and his fin. He has a scar over his left eye. He also has a scar on his fin, and on his side and an arrow close to it. Like a shark, he has many teeth, where some of them are made of gold. There are also is a bone seen between his teeth. He also has a golden nose ring through his nose.

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