Name Android
Species Robot
Known characters Amazo

Lawrence 3000

An Android is a robot or synthetic organism. They are characterized by a humanoid appearance and sometimes human behavior. Androids are generally masculine in build, often identify themselves as male and speaks with male voices. Their gender appearance and gender identiy distinguish them from gynoids who appears and identify as woman. Androids shouldn't be confused with cyborgs however, as androids have no organic compounds.


Adaptoids are androids that are made from nanotechnology and have the uncanny ability to adopt every power and ability potrayed to them. This allows them to evolve on an advanced level. The most advanced adaptoids can even adopt abilities that haven't even been portrayed to them, the mere sight of someone possessing those abilities. With this ability they have the potential to become a god.

Only one adaptoid has been featured in the comics, namely Amazo, who literally has become a god.

Regular AndroidsEdit

Regular Androids are the most common androids and varies in abilities and purpose. The list of abilities are ofthen rather limited and they are made to be as human as possible. Although clearly robotic, emotionally, regular androids are often very human.

Regular androids are more common in the comics.

Known AndroidsEdit

(† = confirmed destruction)

Name Role Status
AmazoGodlike AdaptoidActive
Lawrence 3000Time Squad AgentActive
ProtoboyPrototype RobotboyActive
BillybotBilly-clone Android†Destroyed
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